Company Ecosian Co., Ltd.
Address 65, Digital-ro 9-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel +82 2-2621-9800 Fax +82 2-6111-7226
E-mail www.ecosian.com
Company Introduction
Ecosian is environmnetal consulting company established in 2001 which provides customers with specialized solutions with highly specialized consultation skills combining energy diagnosis, construction, post management and ICT. The company assists customers set strategies for sustainable management taking economical, environmental and social issues into account, and establishes rational procedures for a more eco-friendly production. Ecosian also contributes to energy reduction and enhances efficiency with systems developed specifically for energy management for manufacturing facilities, warehouse, building, etc. (FEMS, WEMS, BEMS) In 2016, the company established a Carbon Emissions Research Center, and in 2017, the company began operation of the country's first "carbon emission comprehensive platform".
Main Product
1. Carbon Assets Management
- Provides comprehensive consultation from establishment of greenhouse gas inventory for companies, organizations, and local governments to business support and preparation of response strategies for government restrictions such as target management system and emission trading system

2. Sustainable strategy 
- Supports sustainable energy management by establishing business strategy for improving energy efficiency of the company to reduce costs
- Improves the company's sustainable management value with continuous PDCA management system in response to the greenhouse gas/energy target management system

3. Product environment management
- Calculation of carbon footprint and authentication evaluation for products and services
- Supports authentication evaluation and calculates the carbon reduction and carbon footprint of the products for carbon reduction which needs to be subjected to the carbon footprint certification
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