Company Reentec
Address 17-1, Soto 2-gil, Sangbuk-myeon, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea
Tel +82 55-372-3515~6 Fax +82 55-372-3518
Homepage www.reentec.com
Company Introduction

Reentec Engineering was established in 2004 and specializes in dryer, vacreator, and equipments for water treatment equipments. Reentec specializes in the production of  airflow dryer for drying sludge cake, deodorization equipment, water treatment equipment, conveyor and ventilator. Reentec is constantly doing research and development for enhanced manufacturing equipment applicable for the environment and energy industry. The company succeeded in the commercialization of a sludge dryer for dehydrated cake of wastewater sludge. and also developed a highly efficient dryer that reduces 30% more electric energy than current products available in the market. and is currently expanding the application for highly viscous and non degradable materials for other industries. 

Main Product

1. Centrifugal dehydrator
- Separates sludge coming from a sludge retaining tank to a rotary system from effluent using high centrifugal force, which can be used for sludge concentration and dehydrating processes
- Reduces the use of the coagulant and be adjsutable for water content up to 68%
- Highly economic in terms of operation and maintenance
- Exhibits superior centrifugal force (up to 4,000G)

2. Screwpress
- Concentrate the coagulated sludge in the primary sludge thickener and then send it to screw press to be dehydrated using compressive force 
- Low-energy consumption
- Significantly reduced weight of the dehydrated cake 
- Stable dehydration process even with changes in the inflow concentration
- Low speed operation prevents loud noise and shaky vibration

3. Micro hydraulic power generator
- Separate structures to secure the difference in the height of the tanks is not necessary
- Simple interior structure
- Applicable to waterways with lesser water flow such as canals, irrigation channels
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