Company Eunsung Chemical Co., Ltd.
Address 510-27 Cheondeoksan-ro, Wongok-myeon, Anseong-si, Republic of Korea
Tel +82 31-658-4087~9 Fax +82 31-658-4035
Homepage www.eunsung-ch.com
Company Introduction
Eunsung Chemical was established in 1991 and specializes in the manufacture of energy-saving green products based on advanced and environmentally-friendly technology. The company manufactures and distributes heat recovery elements, insulators, air cleaning filters, and heat recovery ventilation systems, supplying these primarily to the government offices and the public enterprises. The company was awarded by the Government Procurement Agency for their excellent product and a certified green technology in 2014, and developed automated control of internal recovery condensation prevention in 2019

Main Product
1. Air circulator
- Discards indoor pollutants and blocks ultrafine particles while supplying fresh air
- Energy efficient with heat exchange function during air conditioning and heating, and outdoor heating during mid-spring and autumn
- Prevents condensation and mold formation by using an internal air damper with automated temperature control functions
2. Air purification filter
- A device that filters incoming outdoor air and supplies fresh, clean air indoors
- Eliminates ultrafine particles with the application of pre-, medium and HEPA tri-level filter
- Built-in surveillance door that can be conveniently detached or installed based on the installer’s height preference, making filter replacement and cleaning easier

3. Insulation/Soundproof material
- PE FOAM: Polyethylene based foaming material that has excellent insulation, buffering, durability, and pharmaceutical resistance
- PU FOAM: Polyurethane based foaming material that has excellent heat resistance, insulation, buffering, sound absorption and sound insulation
- RUBBER FOAM: Rubber based foaming material that has excellent cold resistance, heat resistance, buffering, elasticity & resilience, and flame retarding function
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