Company Chungjung Tech
Address 49, Eunnam-ro 20beon-gil, Eunsan-myeon, Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea
Tel +82 42-638-4600~1 Fax +82 42-638-4605
Homepage www.chungjungtech.co.kr
Company Introduction
Chungjung Tech is a manufacturing company that specializes in the water treatment industry and R&D for environmentally-friendly technology. Chungjung Tech initially manufactured chlorine injectors and later expanded its business to production and sales of products made from its own research and development facilities, such as water level regulators associated with water supply, town water supply integrated management system, groundwater pipe pollution control system, sewage treatment UV disinfection facility, etc.

Main Product

1. Chlorine injector
- Controls input of disinfectants (Sodium Hypochlorite 5%, 12%) in order to maintain an ideal residual chlorine concentration level which can maintain its disinfecting properties even with the passage of time and changes in temperature
- Remote access and real-time monitoring and control using a linked integrated system
- Passed the sanitary safety standards and has a built-in electronic bypass flowmeter developed by Chungjung Tech

2. Water quality analyzer
- Combines signal outputs from multiple quality measurement sensors for different parameters allowing real time measurement and display of different water quality parameters
- Provides various data output and simultaneous measurement of different water quality  properties while minimizing consumption power, and saving the measured data enabling continuous water quality monitoring

3. Water purifier
- Utilizes the adsorption capacity of activated carbon and removes chromaticity, taste, smell, organic compound,and et cetera inherent in the ground water
- Transport water downward through a tank lined with activated carbon and proceeds with the adsorption, and filtration of bleach, deodorization, phenol, benzene and et cetera.
- Economic and eco-friendly operation by enhancing the efficiency and the stability during water treatment process through membrane filtration
- Preserves the purification capacity of the filter by automatically running the filter with auto-backwash function
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