Company Synerzen
Address 505, 25, Seongsuil-ro 4-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel +82 2-499-9939 Fax +82 2-6455-3989
Homepage www.synerzen.co.kr
Company Introduction

Synergen Co., Ltd., established in December 2009, develops IoT-based Smart Grid R&D and development manpower. Through constant technological development and creative management, it pursues energy efficiency and environmental protection, and provides customers with personal and material satisfaction through energy savings. To provide a smart world for buildings and cities, it provides total solutions from power control to demand forecasting services. It will continue to create trust and profit for our customers and businesses with customized energy services tailored to market needs

Main Product

- EnerMons utilizes ESS(Energy Storage System) to provide best-in-class services for energy demand and supply
- It is an integrated energy service to provide optimized solutions and services through ESS economics analysis of the customers

1. Energy saving for buildings & factories
- Energy-saving solution to increase energy efficiency by applying PeakShaving & Peakshifting technology applied stored power

2. Linking with the renewable energy (solar power, wind force)
- Establishment of mid-to long-term RPS mandatory goal by establishing ESS facilities for solar power and wind power linkage and efficient operation of power system
- A solution that manages to earn additional revenue when reselling electricity through an ESS REC weighting policy

- Can save various energy use of FEMS(Factory Energy Management System) plant
- Energy status monitoring of energy facility for efficient energy management of BEMS(Building Energy Management System) building
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