Company Labzone Co., Ltd.
Address 129 Munhwawon-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
Tel +82 42-334-4664 Fax +82 42-334-4670
Homepage safelab.co.kr
Company Introduction

Labzone, established in 1999, specializes in the environmental industry and manufactures research facility equipment(nanomaterial), material inspection, measurement and analysis instruments. Labzone's main products are LABSTORE filtration type safety reagent compartment, LABCARE ductless fume hood, MOBILE LAB topical filtering equipment and LAB GUARDIAN hydrogen gas detector which are filtering units for hazardous substances used to filter highly contaminated indoor air in places like labs and hospitals. Moreover, Labzone established an environmental technology research institute and launched a large capacity air purifier for detoxifying air and harmful airborne materials generated indoors

Main Product

1. TAMREIN(Air Purifying Sterilizer)
- Purifies 99% of microscopic dust(PM10, PM2.5), formaldehyde, and hazardous VOC gas in establishment such as schools and hospitals
- Saves the costs of UV lamp for photo catalyst activation
- Uses hybrid filter which removes harmful chemical substance by adsorption and decomposition
- Saves filter consumption cost (HEPA, gas filter's lifespan is 10 times longer than the typical household's)

2. LABCARE Ductless Fume Hood
- Removes harmful substances with a chemical specific filter and particle filter
-  Body made of a transparent material that makes visual observation convenient
- Customized requirement for filter and materials according to the commonly used chemical and chamber size range
- Average inflow air velocity is over 0.53 m/sec, in compliance with the fume hood safety standards
- Maintains a quiet lab environment with a sound proofing designed(No more than 49dB)

3. LAB GUARDIAN Hydrogen Gas Detector
- Real-time monitoring of hydrogen gas concentration within the laboratory
- Automatically turns on the ventilation fan when hydrogen gas concentration level exceeds 1.4%
- Compact design with a built-in detector, alarm and controller
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