Company Dongyang Environment Co., Ltd.
Address 1525-26 Yeongsan-ro, Cheonggye-myeon, Muan-gun, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea
Tel +82 61-453-9000 Fax +82 61-453-9040
Homepage www.dongyang2000.co.kr
Company Introduction

Dongyang Environment was established in 2000 with expertise in intermediate waste disposal, landfill waste screening, Combined Heat and Power(CHP), etc. The company also develops new technologies such as waste resource circulation and eco-friendly energy production through the crushing, grinding, screening, and incineration of waste. The company also abides waste management regulations and manufactures high quality recycled aggregate by applying state-of-the-art environmental technology in the intermediate process of construction wastes disposal

Main Product

1. Intermediate treatment of construction waste
- Operates an intermediate waste treatment facility with a daily processing capacity of 1,200ton/day
- Operates magnetism selection facility, screen sorting facility, and wind screening facility
- Collects and transports waste produced in construction sites and process it through crushing, screening, and separation

2. Intermediate treatment of incineration waste
- Utilizes a demodulation technology using powder catalyst circulation type multi back filter, developed in part by Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. 
- Processes nitrogen oxides and dioxin with high efficiency and low cost
- Daily processing capacity of 48ton/day, with stable and hygienic incineration 

3. Renewable energy business
- Operates 400Kw steam power generation facility using waste heat from incineration facility
- Efficient overall energy utilization by the simultaneous production of electricity and suppling heat with cogeneration
- Produces electricity by powering a steam turbine generator with the heat produced from the incineration and supply the electricity to Korea Electric Power Corporation(KEPCO)

4. Sorting of landfill waste
- Minimizes environmental pollution from landfill waste and increases land utility by reusing landfill or landfill development into other purpose
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