Company Joongang Environment
Address 224-4, Anhari, Hallim-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea
Tel +82 55-343-7755 Fax +82 55-343-7373
Homepage www.ja21.co.kr
Company Introduction
Joongang Environment, established in 2004, is a construction waste intermediate processing company. The company focuses on recycled aggregate production, disassembling of scaffold structure, intermediate processing of construction waste, collection, transportation and disposal of waste, etc. The company also applies new technology and manufactures high quality recycled aggregate from construction waste in order to properly respond to the government's environment policy

Main Product
1. Collection, transportation and intermediate disposal of construction waste
- Collect and transport waste produced in construction sites and then dispose with various methods such as crushing, sorting and separation
- One crushing facility with processing capacity of 1,360 tons/day, one separation & sorting facility and one metering facility with 50 tons capacity currently in possession
2. Production of Recycled Aggregates
- Manufactures in various sizes of under 10mm, 25mm and 40mm
- After magnetic separation through a jaw crusher, removes waste by using vibrating screen
- Crushing and secondary sorting by using a jaw crusher
- Separation and discharge of foreign substances using a fan in the direction of the drop zone
- Increased efficiency with mass processing capability of up to 300 tons/day
- Protects the environment and replaces natural aggregates in shortage by recycling construction waste concrete

3. Scaffold/Structure disassembling work
- Scaffold and structure disassembling related to redevelopment, reconstruction and public housing construction
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