Company The Plasma
Address Munhwagwan, Youngsan University, 288, Junam-ro, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea
Tel +82-55-372-0203 Fax +82-55-384-0302
E-mail www.theplasma.kr
Company Introduction

The Plasma, established in 2018, is a total solution provider for water purification. The Plasma provides environmentally safe water purification technology through the production of a water filtration system. The Plasma earned a patent technology for  the treatment of water without producing ozone off-gas residue* which is highly typical in conventional water purifying equipment

Main Product
OH Radical Water System
- The high concentration of dissolved ozone within the system possess a strong sterilizing and deodorizing effect on water
- Extensive yet highly safe sterilization of both fungi and bacteria
- Extensive chemical-free sterilization allows the recycling of used water
- Remove odors and be capable of purifying livestock waste to meet the required standards for livestock wastewater disposal
- The high concentration of dissolved oxygen produces highly qualified oxygenated water
- Triple pressure treatment eliminates the ozone off-gas residue which is typical of in conventional water purification system
- OH radical treated water, applied on crops will reduce the need to use pesticide
- Highly concentrated oxygen water also boosts the growth rate of crops
* Ozone off-gas : residue gas containing high levels of undissolved ozone particles from using ozone in the water treatment system. It is not possible to completely dissolve all ozone supplied during the water filtration process except in particular cases. Usually, remnants of the ozone particles that are surplus of the filtration system is released in relatively high  concentration, creating problems such as air pollution, human health risk, and equipment surface corrosion
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