Company JEON TECH Co., ltd.
Address 77, Haenggung-ro, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Tel +82-31-257-6961 Fax +82-31-257-6968
Homepage www.jtch.co.kr
Company Introduction
Jeon Tech specializes in providing engineering expertise focusing on facilities for the prevention of environmental pollution and energy production. Jeon Tech has established partnerships with countries possessing advanced technologies such as the Netherlands, Japan, and Spain and through this partnership, the most optimal treatment method to address the different attributes of wastewater was developed. Jeon tech’s technology holds the highest domestic performance rating in the anaerobic wastewater treatment, and it continues to invest in further improvement and the research of new wastewater technology

Main Product

1. Anaerobic wastewater treatment
- Holds the highest domestic performance rating in the anaerobic wastewater treatment
- Reduces the cost of sludge disposal
- Reduces the electric power consumption for the operation
- Minimal space requirement
- Simple odor management
2. Nitrogen removal technology
- Stable, economical, convenient technology
- SOD(Sulfur Oxidation Denitrification), a low energy consumption technology for nitrogen disposal, and J-AMMOX(Jeon Tech-Anaerobic AMMonium OXidation) technology
- Evaluates pre-existing facilities, enhances and selects the most optimum process for the operation and maintenance.
3. Concentrated evaporation technology
- Treatment of otherwise non-biodegradable wastewater 
- Evaporates wastewater using a temperature lower than the evaporation constant by heating the wastewater in a vacuum
- Highly stable treatment process
- Reduces the cost of waste disposal
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