Company Smart Biz Environment & Energy
Address 410 Jeongseojin-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
Tel +82 32-561-2957 Fax +82 32-561-2958
Homepage www.sbene.co.kr
 Company Introduction

Smart Biz Environment & Energy specializes in the research for the different environmental fields particularly for projects relating to the measurement of marine water quality, odor monitoring, wastewater treatment, water purification from contaminants such as green algae, etc. Smart Biz Environment & Energy are currently developing methods to manufacture adsorbent hybrid photolysis as a device to treat contaminated water. The company also provides consultation services regarding overseas industrial expansion about export and cooperation with foreign companies

 Main Product

1. Water Quality Analyzer
 - Smart design allowing simple and convenient maintenance
 - Tube diameter is sufficient enough to prevent blockage from sludge contaminants 
 - Utilizes internationally recognized technology with highly credible results
 - Cost-effective operation with a built-in operator allowing real-time monitoring and process control

 2. Odor Meter
 - Capable of distinguishing 22 substance odors 
 - A web-based integrated management program that can monitor odor
   real-time for both wired and wireless networks
 - Can evaluate the quality of odors and deodorants

3. Marine Environmental Monitoring System (CTD)
 - Capable of measuring salinity, conductivity, temperature, water depth, etc
 - Equipped with the smallest conductivity sensor in the industry
 - Equipped with a pressure sensor that can sense from shallow to deep waters
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