Company Yucheon Enviro
Address 454, Aenggogae-ro, Namdong-gu Incheon, Republic of Korea
Tel +82-32-812-5077 Fax +82-32-812-5075
Homepage www.yucheon.co.kr
Company Introduction

Yucheon Enviro develops specialized filters for sewage treatment facilities. The entire process, from raw material procurement to final product sales even the  A/S management, is environmentally safe. Yucheon Enviro exerts effort to prevent environmental pollution by reusing about 100,000 fiber disc filter frames annually and recycles obsolete fiber filter media as refuse plastic fuel(RPF). Yucheon Enviro continues to perform R&D investment on environmentally-friendly products and technologies to contribute to the enhancement of the society

Main Product

1. Fiber Disc filter
- Gravity Fiber Disc filters for depth filtration
- The removal of BOD, COD, SS(suspended solids), and TP(total phosphorus) through chemical flocculation filtration mechanism 
- Various model options with the various size, type, diameter, and fiber filter quality
- Customizable based on flow rate, water quality, pollutant load

2. Total Phosphorus Treatment
- Chemical flocculation filtration and depth filtration mode of action effectively removes pollutant source such as BOD, turbidity
- Used and contaminated fibers undergo a thorough cleaning process
- Innovative product for a stable operation and guaranteed high water quality

3. Screw Press
- Low energy requirement 
- Steady dehydration operation even with extreme fluctuation in the water inflow
- Automated operation and low noise creating a better work environment
- Low maintenance because of the simple structure
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