Company 3AC
Address RM.C-401, Gasan Digital 1-Ro, Geumcheon-Gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel +82-2-2026-2223 Fax +82-2-2026-2225
Homepage www.3acltd.com
Company Introduction

3AC is a company whose expertise in air and water purifying filter trade. It has established many partnership with key industry firms and has created a B2B network connection throughout the field of catalytic research, characteristic evaluation, application and the production of filters. 3AC is working with many leading research firms to develop new materials and innovate technologies, to bring about the production of quality products utilizing innovative technologies

Main Product

1. Air Purifier Filter
- Does not use a binder to ensure optimum activated carbon performance 
- Capable of filtering specific gas and customized design according to the client’s required specification
- Adjustable size and shape regulates air permeability and performance
- Activated carbons spread out in a broad surface area allows high filtration rate and efficiency

2. Water Purifier Filter
- Filters out residual chlorine, organic residue, and heavy metals in water
- Uses materials that do not contaminate and are compatible with drinking water quality
- Applicable to water purifier and refrigerator

3. Semiconductor Clean Room Filter
- Removes harmful gas
- Effective removal of residual gas contributes to maintaining a clean environment and higher workplace productivity
- Applicable to fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industrial facilities where odors and harmful gases are commonly generated
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