Company IK
Address IK Baek Nyun Bld., 151 Geomdancheon-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
Tel +82-32-562-8114 Fax +82-32-568-6114
Homepage www.ik.co.kr
Company Introduction

IK, established in 1991, provides waste treatment service and produces high-quality recycled aggregates. It established the world's biggest indoor coal storage yard, first of its kind in South Korea. And in 2018, IK Co began exporting its technologies to China for the construction of facilities for waste management  

Main Product

1. Intermediate Construction Waste Disposal Process
- Contributes to resource recycling through the environmentally-safe intermediate treatment of construction waste 
- Applies environmentally-safe approach that significantly minimize the amount of noise and dust to demolish building structures 
- Operates a safe and efficient transport system
- Owns 110 units of vehicles for immediate use with a total loading capacity of 8,000t/day

2. Solidifying Agents* Manufacturing
- Solidification technology recycles sewage sludge
- Operates sludge solidifying facility with a capacity of 1,000t/day
- Have delivered solidifying agents for landfill construction in metropolitan area since 2010

* solidifying agents: materials used to convert liquid or gas into solid form

3. Soil Remediation
- Facilities for soil cultivation and remediation 
- Cleaning facilities for soil contaminated with oil and heavy metals
- Dechlorination using a bio-electrochemical system
- Dehydration process using a bio-electrochemical system