Company Duksan
Address 175-1, Jincheon-ri, Miyang-myoen, Anseong-si, Gyeongi-do, Republic of Korea
Tel +82-31-671-1241~3 Fax +82-31-671-1244
Homepage www.dscn.co.kr
Company Introduction

Duksan is in the business of refining and recycling organic solvent through its multi-stage distillation tower. It acquired various patents related to distillation facilities and has the most advanced multi-stage distillation tower that was designed and constructed within the company. It aims to increase product quality through continuous technological development and maximize customer satisfaction ultimately contributing to society and the country.

Main Product

1. Organic Solvent Purification for Semiconductor and LCD
- Has self-manufactured facilities and considerable experience and technology in semiconductor grade solvents since 2001
- High-purity semiconductor grade solvents that recycle ultra-high purity chemicals in LCD and semiconductor

2. Organic Solvent Purification for Solar Energy Field / Secondary Battery
- Recycles chemicals and various solvents which are used in solar energy and secondary battery industry with high purity
- Optimizes solvents which are used in manufacturing processes of polysilicon and secondary battery
- Provides much more strict specifications than genuine chemical products and prevents the process instabilities from the beginning which could be resulted from using recycled chemical products

3. Organic Solvent Purification for Medicine and Medical Supplies/Reagent
- Recycles synthetic materials that are technologically difficult to be reused 
- Contributes to the cost reduction of pharmaceutical companies