Company Ceracomb
Address 46-5, Oncheon-daero 1122beon-gil (Deuksan-dong), Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea
Tel +82-2-443-0054 Fax +82-443-0054
Homepage www.ceracomb.co.kr
Company Introduction

Ceracomb has been producing and supplying ceramic honeycombs using ceramics extrusion molding technology. It has developed and supplied catalytic products for industrial hazardous gas elimination, automobile exhaust gas purification, and filters for reducing soot. Through technology development, it is expanding the application field of Ceracomb’s particulate matter reduction device to construction machinery, ship, power plant, etc. It aims to be an eco-friendly enterprise that creates a future and happiness with human respect and technology

Main Product

1. Automobile Particulate Matter Reduction Device - Hybrid DPF System
- A combined regeneration system equipped with the DPF* can reduce the PM in the exhaust gas by more than 98%
- Can be used in low-speed vehicles with low exhaust gas temperature
– Can be regenerated naturally through catalytic reaction under high speed and high load condition

* DPF : Diesel particulate filter

2. Industrial Particulate Matter Reduction Device
- A catalyst system that can remove more than 90% of particulate matter(PM) and nitrogen oxide(NOx) from diesel engines by exhaust heat
- More than 90% of PM, more than 90% of carbon monoxide, and more than 90% of hydrocarbons can be reduced
– Applicable range : Engine power 150kW ~ 4,000kW

3. VOC Catalyst
- A catalyst that decomposes VOC gas and odor components
- Carries noble metal(platinum, palladium, etc.) in ceramic honeycomb carrier to decompose and reduce harmful gas in the low-temperature range of 200-400 ℃