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Title Study on Operation Status and Management Improvement within the Environment Improvement District of Drinking Water Resource Protectio..
Attached File 18RR-120-Study_on_Operation_Status_and_Management_  File Download Date 2018-11-29
1. Purpose of Research

- The present research is intended to strive the preservation of drinking water resources through improvement or supplementation of systems by pursuing improvement schemes such as establishing the detailed rational criteria for environment improvement districts per the currently enforced laws.

- The present study is intended to determine whether the environment improvement districts are to be designated linking with the expansion of public utility sewage treatment zones executed following the change and expansion of Sewage Improvement Plan, and the differentiation of corresponding designation criteria.

- The present study is intended to devise the appropriated control instrument capable of sustain the original intention of protection zones while enforcing the Environment Improvement System in order to minimize the inconvenience and limitation in exercising the property rights of local residents.

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