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Title Development of forecasting technique for anti-freezing material verification and habitat concentration variation of endangered Parnassi..
Attached File 18RR-92-Development_of_forecasting_technique_for_a  File Download Date 2018-12-10
1. Purpose of Research

- Aimed to accurately describe the biological, physiological, and ecological information of Parnassius bremeri which is listed as a worldwide endangered insect (1,2,3).

- To understand the trends of the occurrence in nature of Parnassius bremeri in relation to the climate change, identify its nationwide inhabitation (4,5,6,7,8,9,10), and develop a model for the prediction of Parnassius bremeri'' development of wings, based on its developmental zero point and optimal growth temperature obtained through temperature-dependent development experiments.

- To identify potential populations using the pheromone of Parnassius bremeri and establish a conservation strategy for this endangered insect.

- To investigate an organic substance that gives Parnassius bremeri the ability to resist extreme cold in winter and elucidate the path of its bio-synthesis and the physiology of its low-temperature growth.

- To present basic data for the industrialization of new anti-freezing substances.

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