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Title Assessment of Air-pollution on Human Health Effects Using Cohort DB and Estimation of Its Economic Costs in Korea (III)
Attached File 18RR-104-Assessment_of_Air-pollution_on_Human_Heal  File Download Date 2018-12-11
1. Purpose of Research

- The present study was planned with a purpose of quantitatively assessing the air pollution on human health effect using big data including the standard Cohort DB, and prepare the foundation of relevant policy assessment through damage cost estimation based on the assessment result.

- The present study is intended to improve the health effect assessment system caused by the long term exposure to air pollution using the standard Cohort DB of National Health Insurance Service, of which the accessibility to the DB has been recently improved, and reinforce the link between the health effect and economy analysis by applying health end-point reflected unit value estimation.

For more information, see the attached file.
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