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Title Waterproofing Method Bonding the Factory Made Composite Waterproofing Sheet (NaB Sheet) Integrating the High & Low Viscosity Fluidic ..
Attached File 18NT-93-Waterproofing_Method_Bonding_the_Factory_M  File Download Date 2018-11-30
1. Overview

- The present technology is configured with the factory made roll type Composite Waterproofing Sheet (NaB Sheet) produced by having the adhesive material of High & Low Viscosity Fluidic Gel with a floating characteristic bond together in tiny sawtooth structure, and integrate with the improved asphalt sheet. The Composite Sheet Technology bonding directly on the base using the vibrating pressure of Vibration Roller (NaB Roller) with no primer of heat welding removing the release paper, a fluidic gel protector, after cleaning & washing the base to be bonded is applicable to the exterior waterproofing of underground structure, and the roof top non-exposure waterproofing works.

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