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Title Manhole Repair Method Using the Permanent Magnet Built-in Circular Cutter and Integrated Height & Slope Adjuster
Attached File 18NT-61-Manhole_Repair_Method.pdf  File Download Date 2018-12-18
1. Overview

- Technology allowing fast restoration of traffic by employing the following method for faulty manhole cover height raising and repair; Fix the Permanent Magnet
Built-in Circular Cutter on top of manhole cover → Cut the adjacent road pavement around the manhole to be repaired. → Raise the manhole frame & cover up
by clamping the Manhole Raising System. → Install the Aluminum Drum Rubber Packer. → Pour the fast curing mortar on the lower and top section of road pavement
around the manhole.

For more information, see the attached file.
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