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Title Airwell+Pi, a portable atmospheric and work site
Attached File 2._Chapter_12(KINSO).pdf  File Download Date 2019-05-20
◎ Characteristics
• Accident alarm transmitted immediately upon detection of a hazardous situation
• SMS message transmitted to support and management staff within 10 seconds
• Measures hazardous atmospheric substances and precursors to fire and fine particulate matter
• Detects low concentrations: 0.001ppm – 5ppm
• Also measures the following substances: TVOC, HCHO, CO, NH3,H2S,HCL
• Data storage
• Remote calibration and inspection function
• User alarm settings
• Connection to dedicated server for round-the-clock data management
• Operated based on government standard Frame Spring 3.0
• Portable lightweight version (800g)
• Wall mount version for use on site
• Work site management and indoor/outdoor air quality measurement for a range of industrial applications 
• Enables an early response to accidents, effectively preventing large disasters
 * The technology was developed with support from the Ministry of Environment’s Green Patrol Measuring Device Development Project.

For more information, see the attached file.
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