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Title Non-excavating general repair method with PE liner insertion into waterworks and sewerage pipes - Polyethylene Pipe Rehabilitation (PPR..
Attached File 2._Chapter_14(Dongdo).pdf  File Download Date 2019-05-20
◎ Covers long pipe sections (300m+ single work sections)
 • Convenient for repairing sections under wide rivers, private land, and areas where there is a high chance of public complaints
◎ Superb economy
 • 60-70% of cost of installing new pipes
 • Reliability of PE liner certified by Korean Agency for Technology and Standards; expected service life 50 years
 • Safe from external forces such as impact, vibration, uneven settlement, and difference in linear expansion
◎ High bearing strength
 • Able to withstand pressures of 17.5 kgf/cm2,evenwithpartialpipedamage(10%)

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