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Title Braille Printing Technology for Inline Paper Box Adhesion
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1. Overview

• Braille printing machine for inline application with paper box automatic bonding machine

2. Characteristics

• The technology for inline application of braille printing machine with paper box automatic bonding machine

• Technology to quickly replace the braille printing roller without disassembling the whole shaft

• Print module detachable mechanism technology that allows quick replacement when replacing paper box model

• Servo control technology with precise pressurization for braille printing (braille roller upper and lower precision transfer)

• Origin setting mechanism technology with braille printing module

• High speed and precise positioning servo control technology for braille printing

• HMI technology for easy checking, modification and setting of work status in real time

• Braille printing on the surface of paper box with accuracy equal to or higher than German standards

• Feeding unit technology applicable in the feeding of braille prints (paper boxes) during the paper box self-adhesive process

3. Issuance Category (Effective Period)

• December 20th, 2018 ~ December 19th, 2020

4. Source

• Korea Industrial Technology Association: www.netmark.or.kr
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