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Title Airfoil type 3D steel turbofan design technology for air conditioners
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1. Overview

High-flow centrifugal impeller design technology of steel material with a 3D shape

Plug type centrifugal turbo fan design technology installed in AHU, a commercial building air conditioning facility

2. Characteristics

In order to have flame retardant properties in fire, the existing blowers used for building air conditioning are made of steel material in 2D shape for ease of fabrication. However, with this technology it is made possible for the product to bebuiltas a steel type of 3D injection shape, forming the cross section of an airfoilthat helps facilitate the air flow more efficiently

3. Issuance Category (Effective Period)

December 20th, 2018 ~ December 19th, 2021

4. Source

Korea Industrial Technology Association : www.netmark.or.kr

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