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Title Valve Design Technology with Rectangular Spool
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1. Overview

A valve design technology that forms a flow path through the surface contact between the spool and the port bushing as well as blocks internal leakage due to the flow path passing through the rectangular body of the directional valve spool.

2. Characteristics

The spool reciprocates the cylinder bore inside the general directional control valve, therefore, leading to an internal leakage inevitably occurred as a result of the tolerance and a breakdown due to the spool pinching.

• The valve applying this technology has no internal leakage due to the existence of the surface contact between the surface of the spool and the port bushing surface, and therefore preventing the spool jamming.

3. Issuance Category (Effective Period)

December 20th, 2018 ~ December 19th, 2020

4. Source

Korea Industrial Technology Association: www.netmark.or.kr

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