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Title Adhesion Enhancement Power Semiconductor Technology of Nickel Vanadium based metal semiconductor bonded with Silicon Carbide Device
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Attached File (19NT-11)_Adhesion_Enhancement_Power_Semiconductor  File Download Date 2019-09-17
1. Overview

• The processing technology for fabrication of Silicon Carbide based Power Semiconductor devices

• A high temperature surface treatment technology between interfaces of metal semiconductor for the purpose of improving the material resistance characteristics

• Also acts as a bonding technology that helps improving the delamination phenomenon that occurs at the metal semiconductor junction

2. Characteristics

• The processing technology that helps improving delamination phenomenon that occurs after the process of high temperature surface treatment between metal and semiconductor, in results solving the surface resistance of silicon carbide

3. Issuance Category (Effective Period)

• December 20th, 2018 ~ December 19th, 2020

4. Source

• Korea Industrial Technology Association: www.netmark.or.kr

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