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Title Phosphor Preparation, Dispersion & Coating Technology for Brightness Enhancement Films
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Attached File (19NT-18)_Phosphor_Preparation,_Dispersion_&_Coati  File Download Date 2019-10-29

1. Overview

• Brightness enhancement technology is applicable to 8K display and high brightness signage display without additional LED Chip development.

• Application of brightness enhancement film has 15~20% higher brightness than existing white LED.

2. Characteristics

• The brightness deterioration issue caused by the increasing resolution of the display can be improved without the addition of LED chip in the high brightness signage display.

3. Issuance Category (Effective Period)

• May 24th, 2018 ~ May 23rd, 2020

4. Source

• Korea Industrial Technology Association: www.netmark.or.kr

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