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Title Fine particle management technology for subway station
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Attached File 20NT-02_Fine_particle_management_technology_for_su  File Download Date 2020-06-19

1. Overview

Fine particle management platform that is capable of coordinating various equipment used in the subway stations to manage fine particles, from a scientifically based fine particle management technology to a data-based optimum equipment management

2. Features

Utilizes a smart air quality measuring device to construct a collection of air quality information collection network

A deep learning(Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm: CNN) based fine particle prediction technique with a 85.2% accuracy, and employs a visualization technology to identify and forecast the average concentration of ultra fine particles

Advanced reduction equipment that utilizes forecast data to prevent fine particle contamination ahead and save operating costs

3. Effective Period of Certification

May 21th, 2020 ~ May 20th, 2022

4. Application History/Cases

Accumulation of DB and collection of information for subway station’s air quality (including fine dust particles)

A platform to manage and forecast fine particle concentration in the subway station

Integrated management of subway station equipment

5. Source

Korea Industrial Technology Association : www.netmark.or.kr

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