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Title Coarse aggregates for concrete production technology 
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Attached File 20NT-03_Coarse_aggregates_for_concrete_production_  File Download Date 2020-06-26
1. Overview

• Technology that crushes concrete waste using the force of impact from the vertical impact crusher and removes the cement mortar and pastes remaining in the concrete waste

2. Features

• First crushing phase (Impact crushing)

Uses a combination of relatively high impact of collision produced by the vertical impact crusher of the high speed rotor

• Second crushing phase (Strike & Buffer crushing)

Achieves crushing from the combined low shock impulse from the rotating paddle as it strikes the aggregates and the impact buffered by the chamber wall produced from the 1st process

3. Effective Period of Certificate

• Oct 8th, 2019 ~ Oct 7th, 2024

4. Source

• Environmental New Technology Information System : www.koetv.or.kr
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