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Title Anaerobic Food Waste Decomposition
Homepage www.hdec.kr
Attached File 20NT-05_Anaerobic_Food_Waste_Decomposition.pdf  File Download Date 2020-07-20

1. Overview

•A pretreatment process composed of a 2-stage shredder and a 3-stage separator which selectively liquifies waste which in effect increases the efficiency and minimizes the mechanical damage during transport

•Improves the efficiency of waste decomposition and biogas production through the combination of anaerobic digestion and membrane filtration process

2. Characteristics

•Can process 80 tons of waste fluids

•Minimizes food waste

•Improves pumping and reduces the growth of microorganism by combining membrane filtration with anaerobic digestion

•Minimizes odor and sludge using closed cycle control

3. Effective Period of Certificate

•Jul 26th, 2019 ~ Jul 25th, 2024

4. Source

•Environmental New Technology Information System : www.koetv.or.kr
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