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Title Unidirectional thermal pump technology system for electric vehicles
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Attached File 20NT-06_Unidirectional_thermal_pump_technology_sys  File Download Date 2020-07-31
1. Overview

•Unidirectional thermal pump system for electric vehicles that simplifies the flow of refrigerant using multifunctional electromagnetic valves

•The excess heat produced during battery charging of electric vehicles are recycled to be used for internal heating

2. Characteristics

•Reduces the number and the combined weight of the parts of the thermal control system of the engine

•Minimizes the energy consumed to internally heat an electric vehicle

•Higher mileage compared to vehicles without heat pump

3. Effective Period of Certificate

•May 21st, 2020 ~ May 20th, 2023

4. Source

•New Excellent Technology Information System : www.netmark.or.kr
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