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Title Noise suppression technology
Homepage www.tcnkk.com
Attached File 20NT-07_Noise_suppression_technology.pdf  File Download Date 2020-08-10

1. Overview

•Noise barrier wall made of a sound absorbing panel that contains a thin resonance sound proof blocks

•By modifying different parameters of the design such as porosity or the diameter of the perforated plate, it allows various applications to different industries

•The basic design & production of the sound absorbing board can be customized and adjusted based on the nature of the area where it will be installed

2. Features

•Excellent sound proofing properties over wideband frequencies

•Operation and maintenance cost-efficient

•Blocks can be recycled

•Eco-friendly and highly durable

3. Effective Period of Certificate

•Mar 8th, 2019 ~ Mar 7th, 2024

4. Source

•Environmental New Technology Information System : www.koetv.or.kr
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