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Title Trenchless Pipe Maintenance Technology
Homepage www.nuvotec.co.kr
Attached File 20NT-09_Trenchless_Pipe_Maintenance_Technology(1).  File Download Date 2020-08-24

1. Overview

•A trenchless maintenance technology of worn-out pipes that removes attached PVC material profile using a shape guide system

•Can prevent the pipe from moving upward due to buoyancy by the installation of a buoyancy proof plate and a support when injecting mortar to the airgap of the pipe

2. Characteristics

•Pipe system with a built-in shape guide

•Translucent profile made from PVC material

•Prevents maintenance pipes from moving by installing the buoyancy proof plate

•Can check the progress by adjusting the translucent profile

•Enables the repair of curved pipes

•Top and bottom mortar thickness of the pipe are evenly formed

•Applicable pipe diameter: Ø 800mm ∼ 3,000mm

(circular, box-type, horseshoe-shaped)

3. Effective Period of Certificate

•May 11th, 2020 ~ May 10th, 2025

4. Source

•Environmental New Technology Information System : www.koetv.or.kr
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