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Title Initial water treatment technology using impeller and fiber ball medium
Homepage www.daejin-env.co.kr
Attached File 20NT-10_Initial_water_treatment_technology_using_i  File Download Date 2020-08-28
1. Overview

•A technology applicable for the initial phase of water treatment process consisting of an impeller and fiber ball medium that is suspended in the filter pump chamber. And the medium layer filters contaminants and processes solid properties

2. Characteristics

•Stirs the medium and utilize the flow and the shearing force of the water current to separate solid contaminants caught in the medium

•By using hydrophilic·hydrophobic fiber ball medium, effectively removes micro pollutant particles and raise durability

•Low speed reverse washing technology using impeller and air pump

•Medium compression technology using a buoyancy tank

3. Effective Period of Certificate

•Jul 23rd, 2019 ~ Jul 22nd, 2024

4. Source

•Environmental New Technology Information System : www.koetv.or.kr
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