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Title Trace Metal Micro Filtering Technology
Homepage www.arun-world.com
Attached File 20NT-12_Trace_Metal_Micro_Filtering_Technology.pdf  File Download Date 2020-09-10
1. Overview

•A technology that can precisely filter particles inside wastewater regardless of its size and nature

•Can continuously execute the filtration process without backwashing

•Highly efficient treatment for even highly concentrated wastewater

2. Characteristics

•Utilizes the cross flow filteration method which creates lift and gravity with laminar flow and filters using its own hydrodynamics

•Capable of treating 50 tons of water per hour

•Sedimentation tank size can be drastically decreased

•Saves maintenance costs by at least 85%

3. Effective Period of Certificate

•May 21st, 2020 - May 20th, 2022

4. Source

•Environmental New Technology Information System : www.koetv.or.kr

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