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Title Power Consumption Monitoring Technology for Control Instrument
Homepage www.dgsj.co.kr
Attached File 20NT-14_Power_Consumption_Monitoring_Technology_fo  File Download Date 2020-10-05
1. Overview

•A technology that controls a motor''s optimal efficiency point by determining the effective and ineffective units of electric power consumption and deriving the optimal efficiency point from the consumed electricity readings which will be used to improve the power consumption efficiency of an inverter

•Monitors motor & pump system''s process and the status of the inverter

•Controls PLC settings, collection and visualization of data

2. Characteristics

•Controls the motor''s optimal efficiency point and power consumption condition with an enterprise management system

Reduces power consumption of an inverter by more than 40% compared with the use of a V/F management

Can be used with a pre-existing equipment by using an SW based optimal efficiency point controlling method

Can be applied to all industries that uses a motor

3. Effective Period of Certificate

May 21st, 2020 ~ May 20th, 2022

4. Source

Environmental New Technology Information System : www.koetv.or.kr

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