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Title Waste Oil Degradation and Sterilization Technology for Kitchen Grease Trap
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Attached File 20NT-16_Waste_Oil_Degradation_and_Sterilization_Te  File Download Date 2020-10-29
1. Overview

A technology that meets the growing demand for waste cooking oil degradation and sterilization for kitchen grease trap

Prevents water pollution and saves the disposal cost of highly concentrated wastewater and sludge as it does not require additional water treatment

The sterilization process prevents waterborne infection and food poisoning

Rapidly removes food waste effluent

No need for a separate waste treatment facility

2. Characteristics

Utilizing the oxidation process through the microbubble nozzle and air pressure plasma system to effectively decompose food waste particles and waste oil within the grease trap

A technology that rapidly dissolves and discharges waste oil as well as sterilizes the grease trap to prevent food poisoning

Can use its built-in time control program with a measure of day and hour

No need for additional chemicals or expendable

Convenient cleaning and maintenance with the detachable parts

Prevents odor generation by keeping the grease trap clean

3. Effective Period of Certificate

May 21st, 2020 ~ May 20th, 2022

4. Source

Korea National Environmental Technology Information Center : www.konetic.or.kr
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