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Title Shotcrete Manufacturing Technology
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Attached File 20NT-17_Shotcrete_Manufacturing_Technology_.pdf  File Download Date 2020-11-06
1. Overview

•Using slag mixed with cement as a binder significantly improves the resistance to salt damage and hastens the settling time of a shotcrete application

•Slurry type accelerator can reduce concrete rebound phenomenon by up to 27% and the amount of dust from shotcrete spraying by 40% compared to existing powder type accelerator

•Used as a strengthening material for structures that requires high strength and high salt damage resistance such as mines, underground storages, and water tunnels

•12% lower cost compared to the conventional salt-resistant shotcrete which uses powder-type accelerator

* Shotcrete: The concrete used by spraying with compressed air

2. Characteristics

•Uses slag which is the by-product of melted ore and metal, which is then mixed with cement to create the binder used for shotcrete

•The mixture of slurry type accelerator significantly reduces the amount of dust and concrete rebound phenomenon produced during shotcrete operation

•The application of economical high strength salt-resistant shotcrete reduces cement usage by up to 40%

•Enhances environmentally safe properties of shotcrete by reducing CO2, the amount of dust

•Improves ground reinforcement capacity of tunnels and slopes by retaining high strength properties

3. Effective Period of Certificate

•Sep 26th, 2019 ~ Sep 25th, 2022

4. Source

•Korea National Environmental Technology Information Center : www.konetic.or.kr

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