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Title Animal Carcasses Stabilization Technology
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Attached File 20NT-18_Animal_Carcasses_Stabilization_Technology_  File Download Date 2020-11-13
1. Overview

- Crushed livestock carcasses from waste processing facilities are further reduced using the plane rotating spinner and treated with a biodegradation catalyst

- Manufactures customized biodegradation catalyst to match the nature of the livestock waste

- Mass production of biodegradation catalyst for the immediate treatment of livestock carcass waste

2. Characteristics

- A coupled process that shreds livestock carcass further using a plane rotating stirrers while treated with aerobic protein hydrolysis-based biodegradable catalyst to biologically stabilize the carcass

- A confined pretreatment facility sorts foreign substances, such as vinyl, identification tags, which cannot be biodegradable before proceeding to shred the carcass, promoting hydrolysis for a faster biodegradation

- Mixed stirring using a plane rotating stirrer that has a relatively low energy consumption

- Economical and effectively dispose of livestock carcass

- Produces stable and non-toxic waste which does not pollute the soil

3. Effective Period of Certificate

- Jul 2nd, 2019 ~ Jul 1st, 2024

4. Source

- Korea National Environmental Technology Information Center : www.konetic.or.kr
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