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Title Solar selective transmission type glass coating manufacturing technology
Homepage www.winglass.co.kr
Attached File 20NT-19_Solar_selective_transmission_type_glass_co  File Download Date 2020-11-25
1. Overview

- A hybrid glass coating material with solar barrier function

- Can selectively block ultraviolet and infrared rays

- Minimizes the flow of solar light through the window by reflecting visible light

- Minimizes the energy required for indoor air conditioning and heating

2. Characteristics

- Manufactured using Si inorganic binder and organic epoxy binder as glass glazing material

- Uses metallic oxide such as WO3, MoO3, ATO, AZO, ITO etc

- Also uses solvent such as acetylacetone, 2-Isopropoxyethanol, ethoxyethanol, methoxytanol etc

- Dispersant such as nitric acid and alkyl ammonium salt are used as well

- Coating agent is created through the mixture of multiple metallic oxide with solvent and dispersant

3. Effective Period of Certificate

- May 25th, 2016 ~ 24th, 2021

4. Source

- Environmental New Technology Information System: www.koetv.or.kr
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