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Title Advanced Nitrogen Treatment MBR Technology
Homepage www.hec.co.kr
Attached File 20NT-20_Advanced_Nitrogen_Treatment_MBR_Technology  File Download Date 2020-11-26
1. Overview

- A process that is composed of first anoxic tank, anaerobic tank, aerobic tank, second anoxic tank, and separation membrane tank

Installed with bottom open type large air bubble cleaning device

- Sewage & wastewater advanced nitrogen treatment technology that can efficiently operate separation membrane with a small amount of air

2. Characteristics

- The cleaning device''s basic principle is Bernoulli''s theorem: fluid pressure decreases when passing through a narrow place because velocity increases and increases when passing through broad space because velocity decreases

- The lower part of the separation membrane cleaning device can be operated while open, no cleaning device clogging from sludge precipitation

- Minimized sludge from drying and sticking after precipitation, consistent and uniform air distribution is possible and maintenance is easy

-Can stably operate the entire MBR process through a high-efficiency separation membrane cleaning device

- Developed and applied a lower air injection pipe along with an upper large bubble generator and installed a sludge outlet to minimize sludge from precipitating and then sticking to the wall after being dried from the heat

- Connected an air injection pipe under the header pipe to minimize sludge precipitation of sludge inside the header pipe

3. Effective Period of Certificate

- Jan 16th, 2019 ~ Jan 15th, 2024

4. Source

- Environmental New Technology Information System : www.koetv.or.kr

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