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Title Sewer Sludge Drying Technology Using the 2-stage Indirect Electric Heat Drying System Configured with 1st Stage Sparging & 2nd Stage..
Attached File 18NT-69-Sewer_Sludge_Drying_Technology_Using_the_2  File Download Date 2018-11-30
1. Overview

- Sludge drying technology with the sludge mixing effect provided by wide electric heating area versus the volume configured with the 1st stage (Sparging paddle) Corrosion Section) & 2nd stage (Ribbon Paddle) Abrasion Section) depending on the sludge drying characteristics.

- Sludge drying technology reducing the heat consumption versus the existing technologies by drying the sludge with high efficiency decreasing the water content from 80% to 5% employing the indirect electric heating system.

For more information, see the attached file.
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