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Title Eco-friendly PLA fiber vegetation matt method
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Contents Eco-friendly PLA fiber vegetation matt method

New Excellent Technology (NET) No. 20

1. Outline

* The PLA fiber, which is made of corn starch, are woven in a 3-D structure to have voids inside and filter the particles from the flowing water in the rivers and other flowing water. Because the greenification by plants that grow naturally can be progressed through two germ layers, it enables the prevention of natural disasters through stable vegetation.

2. Characteristics

* With the enhanced function to prevent disasters, the PLA vegetation mat technology can protect plants remain its stability from external forces.

* Produced through a weaving method, the mats can filter the water flowing from rivers, when raining, to help reduce the eutrophication in rivers.

* The filtered nutrients will be decomposed and turned as fertilizers for plants.

* In this hidden levee bank protection method, there is no need to remove the concrete blocks, while the soil will be embanked. Vegetation mats will also be installed to grow the plants and reduce the costs from the generation of waste materials and restore vegetation zones, which are all advantageous in expanding the space where plants can grow.

* It will prevent disasters, such as floods, protect river banks, and enhance the natural landscape, thereby helping improve the environment and ecology of cities.

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