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Title River Vegetation Wire Mesh Basket Revetment
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Contents 1. Outline

This technique protects the revetment slopes from flooding safely by strengthening the revetment structural stability of a river and stimulating the germination and growth of plants on a revetment slope.

It is a disaster prevention revetment building technique that can quickly restore using soil in the field as internal filler during flood and disasters, and it can be maintained as a permanent revetment structure after restoration.

This technique strengthens structural stability of river revetment by following methods: install round gabions with enhanced durability and fill the inside with stones to strengthen stability. It then installs the vegetation wire mesh baskets over the slope and integrate with the slope of the ground.

2. Characteristics

It uses eco-friendly materials (stones and soil) to reduce material and construction costs.

It can be planted on the front side and the entire side so that it can reduce planting costs and maintenance costs through improvement of construction quality.

It has an effect to supply water to natural vegetation members when the wire mesh basket is exposed above the water or it is a dry season by having a waterspout and vegetation natural materials in the vegetation wire mesh basket.

For more information, see the attached file.

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