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Title Steep Slope Protection Greening Work UsingO rganic Soil Conditioner (Frizol) and Seed Balls
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Contents 1. Outline

A construction method that protects a slope with the concentration power of root by promoting the high-quality growth of plant

Slope protection greening work that promotes the slope safety with the concentration power, rhomb net, and anchor pin by inducing high-quality protection greening

2. Characteristics

Uses rhomboid wire mesh (75 ㎜ × 75 ㎜)

Maximizes the seed germination rate by separating a seed layer and a vegetation base material layer

Plants can live permanently by generating the elements necessary for their growth semipermanently using Frizol

Causes trees to take roots using seed balls

Stabilizes slopes and promotes the high-quality growth of plants

Uses materials that combine soil microbe activator, deep root catalyst, binding agent and topsoil stabilizer (Frizol, F, A, S, and EF) and vegetation base materials

Attaches the seeds of plants and trees to slopes

3. Application

Applicable: Geotechnical recording

Stage of development: Completed

For more information, see the attached file.

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