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Title Manufacturing Technology for Cementless Vegetation Concrete Block Using Recycled Aggregate and Blast Furnace Slag
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Contents 1. Outline

Manufacturing technology of vegetation concrete whose block microorganism and insects can inhabit

Technology to restore the ecosystem with enough vegetation spaces

Technology for resource recycling using recycled aggregate and blast furnace slag

2. Characteristics

Easy drainage through a large number of penetrating grooves during the rainy season

Provide excellent vegetation space and environment for ecosystem restoration

High survival percentage because of natural stone patterns and porosity

Stabilize low water level and slope, as well as prevent soil erosion

Easy to control execution quantity and quality of execution results

Be able to secure structural stability through noncorrosive links

Reduce construction costs through easy and quick construction

Minimize deformation of the river slope by preventing soil erosion

Prevent cracks with excellent bending strength by inserting a reinforcing bar

3. Application

Applicable: Vegetation protection

Stage of development: Completed

Scope of new technology

For more information, see the attached file.

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