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Title A Technology to Remediate the Soil Contaminated by Heavy Metals Using Soil Washing and Electrokinetic Technology
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Contents 1. Outline

A technology to remediate the soil contaminated by heavy metals by coupling with soil washing and electrokinetic technology

A pulse electrokinetic technology to apply pulse power in a moment

A technology to increase the transfer rate and the treatment efficiency of the contaminant by replacing the existing DC power supply and applying current in the pulse shape

2. Characteristics

Increase the transfer rate using an electrokinetic system that applies a pulse power source

Improve the removal efficiency of the heavy metal that causes soil contamination

Improve energy efficiency by saving energy to be inputted into a system

- Save about three times

Save the cost and the period of treatment by 50%o r over

Maintain constant removal efficiency unlike the existing technology whose deviation is drastic depending on the type of heavy metal

This may be applied to quasi-volatilityo rganic compounds, oil contaminants, volatileo rganic compounds, agricultural pesticides,o r variouso rganic and inorganic contaminants

3. Application

Applicable: Soil purification

For more information, see the attached file.

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