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Title Manufacturing Technology of Inorganic Composite Containing Soluble Silicate for Soil Pavement
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Contents 1. Outline

Technology to manufacture eco-friendly soil pavement composite using soil (sandy loam) and stable mineral materials

Technology to manufacture inorganic composite which contains soluble silicate taking account of soil and neighboring vegetation

Manufacturing technology to delay and stabilize dust generation and soil erosion

2. Characteristics

Improve walking by maintaining peculiar characteristics of soil

Excellent in moisturizing and air permeability

Decrease the emission of radiant heat from the ground in the summer

Be able to protect underground ecosystem and to improve a planting environment

Be able to return to natural ecology through long-term weathering

Contain no VOC, volatile material, heavy metal, etc.

Excellent in improving durability and stability

3. Application

Applicable: geotechnical recording

Stage of development: Completed

Scope of new technology

For more information, see the attached file.

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