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Title Creation Technology of Protected Lowland Riparian Greenbelt Modeling Natural Riparian Forest of River Basin
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Contents 1. Outline

Technology to restoreo r develop a riparian greenbelt suitable for the pertinent riparian environment on waterside by river type within a protected lowland including embankment in consideration of topography, soil, land use, etc.

Technology to develop a riparian greenbelt and an ecological greenbelt which maximize a variety of greenbelt functions by modeling natural vegetation structure which is in harmony with domestic river scenery

2. Characteristics

Be able to preserve the water quality of riparian greenbelt

Improve air environment by absorbing carbon of riparian greenbelt

Increase inhabitants through functions of riparian ecological greenbelt

- The term “riparian ecological greenbelt” is the concept which emphasizes the structure and function of greenbelt and adds the function of biological support and eco-corridor

Improve natural scenery by being designed in consideration of topography, soil and land use

Improve water quality preservation, water resources conservation, tree value, etc. by 1.5 times better than the existing construction cases

A person in charge of the creation of riparian greenbelt can create a riparian greenbelt ecologically and evaluate its function and economic values without difficulty by the use of computer program

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